Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Today was a great day. We all slept in and finally rolled out of bed at 10 am. It felt so good to be lazy. The boys played and took a nap, the three older kids played with each other and then got showered and ready to go to family dinner. Dave laid on the couch and took a nap before turkey dinner and I sat and read in my book for about an hour before I decided I better get off my fanny and go get ready. By 1:45 we were out the door and in the car all ready to go. We went to Alice's house and had an incredible dinner. We stuffed ourselves until we were all going to pop and rolled ourselves around the house a little at a time hoping that for some strange reason we would create more room in our ridiculously over stuffed bellies so that we could go back for a pain staking round 2. Some of us were able to do it, others just were content sitting and visiting. We always have so much fun at family functions everyone is so friendly and we all get along. There were only two small incidences. It involved 3 of our kids and 1 nephew. The first incident happened when Kenai and Kanyon were downstairs playing nice together and playing on both sides of the foozball table and yes you guessed it. Kanyon pushed the one side of the foozball handle and the stick slammed out the other side and nailed Kenai in the mouth and cut his lip and he bled all over his shirt and Morganne's and she ran him upstairs to me where I tried calmly to clean up his mouth but I never react well to my kids bleeding. But no stitches were needed so we are very happy about that. He is now asleep and doing fine. The other incident was Corbin and Ryleigh were sharing a chair and Corbin did not want her that close anymore and she was not expecting it and he pushed her off and she crashed to the floor. She was fine but got her feelings hurt. Boy cousins are so sweet. Any how I am exhausted from all the triptifan so off to bed I go. Have a great night everyone.

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